The result of over 13 years of writing, reflecting and exploration. 



QUEER DEITY, SACRED SLUT' invokes ancient and modern archetypal figures along with a revel of QUEER DEITIES. It explores themes of paganism, gender, sexuality, identity, healing and the ways we connect with each other and the earth. Its magical, embodied and radical prose is woven with poems and songs to form a rich tapestry imbued with the author's unique perspective.

'Everything written here is only a thought that passes onto another thought. Most of them are my thoughts: I make no claim that they are, or should be, held by anyone else. And yet many of the thoughts come from, or are shared by, or were reached in dialogue with, others. I honour all those who have thought with me, or whose thoughts have helped me with my own.

This book is about me. It is about all the different strands of my life that have brought me to where I am now, today. It is about the path I am taking, the thoughts I am thinking, the understandings I have reached.' - Al Head

Al Head is a queer/lesbian, gender-queer, photo polyamorous human. Que is a Queer Pagan, a Radical Faerie, an energy-worker and a devotee of Cernunnos. Que is a founder member of 'Queer Spirit Festival' and the creator of 'This Land Sex Magic' and 'The Queer Fool'. Que is an LGBTQ, disability and earth activist and works against all forms of oppression and for the healing of the land.



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